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Yes! I know most of us really want our phones FULLY CHARGED everywhere we go; nowadays, smartphones has played a big role in the genre of technology, especially, most of us are fond of using the SOCIAL MEDIA applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber etc.


Now friends, let me share with you my top 5 smartphone charging tips — effective to preserve our smartphones battery.

TOP 1 Charging tip

When charging your smartphones, always remember to switch off your WiFI, bluetooth connectivity and any other ongoing applications; even if you’re not using such applications yet they still work behind your phone’s system and yes! you phone will not charge as fast as it can.


TOP 2 charging tip

Most of the smartphones are using the battery called Li-IOn or somewhat called as Lithium Ion Batteries. I have read a lot of articles about this kind of battery, it doesn’t need to be drained down to 0% every before charging because tendencies are it would drain out its juices much faster.

I know a lot of us are experiencing such problem, Isn’t it true?

here comes my 2nd tip, you have to charge your phone not below 20% of its battery level.

But I also encouraged you to drain your battery maybe every 2 months, because I also heard from my other techie friends that our batteries also needs to be re-calibrated. They called it as ” Charge Cycle “.  It’s just like us humans, we also need to have VACATION LEAVES.

YES Batteries have life too and they also need a holiday! 

TOP 3 charging tips

Using the charger that comes with the phone’s package is THE BEST! because it has the right voltage that your phone battery needs.

TOP 4 charging tips


Yes, your phone is safe when it drops to the floor but do you think it’s best when charging?

So please friends, detach your bulky cases when charging. This could cause your phone’s battery to overheat and worst it might explode.

Some advanced smartphones are now equipped with automatic STOP charging capability, but remember SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.



The last but not the least is the…………

TOP 5 charging tips

keep your cords neatly after charging  because some cords are very sensitive and breaks off easily.

It is because that I am frugal enough my last tip for you is to keep your cords and charger in a safe and secured area.



Additional info:           THE MAGNETO CABLE

This is one of the famous cable I’ve seen in the world of social media.

  • It is 10X more durable
  • Ultra fast charging capabilities
  • Unique magnetic cable
  • Lenght of 3.28 Ft.


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Pinoy traveling to Hong Kong (TIPID TIPS)

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. It is located on the southeast coast of China, facing the South China Sea. It is about 3½ hours by air fr…

Source: Pinoy traveling to Hong Kong (TIPID TIPS)

Pinoy traveling to Hong Kong (TIPID TIPS)

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. It is located on the southeast coast of China, facing the South China Sea. It is about 3½ hours by air from Beijing and 2½ hours from Shanghai.

With an area of 1,110 sq. km, Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and a group of 260 outlying islands.

data from:

Hong Kong is a VISA FREE country, traveling from Philippines is about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. Major airline companies cater Filipino travelers to and from Hong Kong.

( some of them offer cheap fares if you’ll book early ). 

ooopps! take note : There is no time difference between Philippines and Hong Kong.

As a Filipino citizen we are given with 14 days travel period to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the island and its culture. 

( pangit nga lang if you’re collecting stamps in your passports kasi the Hong Kong immigration does not put stamps on it na as to my experience, instead they just issue an electronic visa slip. )

Upon arrival it is better to buy HK sim card for map application use and of course upload upload sa mga travel ootd’s 🙂 may available sim cards sa 7-11 stores or any convenient stores in Hong Kong, it will cost you $50- $100 HKD makakapag data kana nyan 3gb for 5 days at mai extra load kapa for calls and text.

P.s wag text nang text kasi mas mahal doon ang text kesa sa calls nila.

Per text:  more or less $1HKD

(pero if nag titipid ka talaga ok lang namn kasi halos lahat nang bldg or area nang HK may free wifi na.)

Here are some of HONG KONG’s top tourist destinations.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Tram Ride : $32HKD one way

Bus Ride: $20+ HKD one way it takes around 40-1 hr bus ride.

                                   Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Museum
                        Nan Lian Garden, Diamond Hill Hong Kong

MTR lang going Diamond Hill station tapos exit C or basta in front lang nang train station pag labas mo.

from left : Victoria Harbour’s famous Junk Boat, Night View at Victoria Harbour,
Clock Tower.

Man Mo  Temple (Sheung Wan Hollywood Road)

Inside the temple you can see the famous Hanging Incense.

Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

pwede nyo puntahan gamit ang cable car mas okay ang view kasi ang cable car may glass bottom.  From tung chung area ang sakayan nun kaso as of now under maintenance pa cya. June 2017 pa mag ooperate.

 Bus ride – mas cheaper from tung chung area travel time more or less 40 mins.

mas mahal ang bus ride if Sat- Sun and any HK Holidays

Famous “#Instagramable” Street Art in Hong Kong ( Sheung Wan )

Good To Know TIPS!

GTK (Good to Know)  #1 – Learn a little of Cantonese.

( para hindi ka mag mukhang engot sa mga sinasabi nila dahil may tendency na turo ng turo nalng sila kasi d sila masyado gumagamit nang English language. )

GTK #2 – Bring a water bottle during the course of your travel.

( In Hong Kong 500-750 ml of water ranges from $4-8 HKD. buti nalang if mai makita ka $2HKD kasi sulit na yun. Some Cheap Waters are widely sold in Chinese Herbal Stores around Hong Kong.) pero pwede rin igib ka lang sa hotel para tipid 🙂

GTK # 3 – Never ever sit in the restaurants around your area if your not planning to eat.

( kahit sa mga maliliit lng na stall, dahil sa HK if uupo ka automatic they will serve Hot Tea and that somehow will cost you $3HKD na each person kahit kakain ka o hindi. If ever gusto mo kumain at ayaw mo mag tea tell them na e tiTake out mo ang order mo. ) save kana!

GTK # 4 – If possible bring canned goods, ready to eat foods and foiled pack juices. 

( sa HK marami naman masasarap na pagkain but mostly 1 meal would cost you $28-40 HKD at di pa talaga yan masarap masyado, meron din sila mga packed meals medyo affordable namn kasi nag start from $28HKD meron na yung Roasted duck slices, 1 1/2 cups of rice and Chinese petchay kaso wala pa tong drinks at ang coke in can or tetra packed juices doon will cost you $7-10HKD.)

GTK # 5 – hostel stay is better than hotel stay for me bagahe lang naman iiwan mo.

( marami nang online apps na nakaka pag book ka nang cheap hostels like trivago, airbnb at iba pa, meron naman safe area kagaya nang napag stayhan ko kagaya nang Hong Kong hostel sa causeway bay. wag na wag lang sa central like Chungking Mansion kasi mura nga kaso marami daw mga manloloko as per HK residents na natanong ko. )

GTK # 6 Peso to Hong Kong Dollar

(mas better if magpapalit kana dito sa pinas kasi if doon mo pa papalitan ang pera mo medyo mahal na doon ang exchange rate at the same time makakasave kapa nang time sa pasyalan instead of taking your time to look for money changers with big exchange rate.

GTK # 7 – Do not be afraid on how to get through the tourist destinations of HK.

( riding an MTR is the fastest, convenient and the easiest way. marami rin ang assigned na MTR attendants sa gilid gilid every station or if wala meron naman silang mga counters na nag accommodate nang concerns at loading of Octopus Card.)

  •  shanga pala ang OCTOPUS CARD ay tina TAP kung sakaling ikaw ay lilipat sa ibat ibang station, mas okay if kukuha kayo, sa halagang $150HKD may $100 HKD load na yan at yung $50 HKD ay payment sa card but refundable namn as soon as e susurrender nyo na ang card nyo. Ma-aari nyo rin itong gamitin na pagbayad sa inyong mga grocery items, food at etc.
  • Ang Octopus Card ay RELOADABLE.
  •  if takot kang mawala sa iyong day tour meron din silang inooffer na 1 day use tourist pass, sa loob nang 24 hrs pwede nyo gamitin ang card for unlimited MTR rides sa halagang $65HKD lamang.

GTK # 8 – Traveling alone? walang mag picture? Wag matakot!

( Sa HK wala silang pakialaman kung ano ang iyong gagawin kahit mag tumbling 2x kapa dyan para sa iyong ootd okay na okay lng sa kanila. wag ka lang lumabag sa mga batas nila.)

Important things to bring sa mga mahilig mag picture picture.

  • Bluetooth camera shutter
  • Extra Battery
  • Cellphone
  • Powerbank

( PERO!  Laging alalahanin kahit mababa ang crime rate sa HK wag KUMPYANSA)





HK’s Famous Dimsum House ( Sheung Wan )

sayang nga lang may time lng pala sila nag siserve nang DIMSUM 😦



flag down rate: $22HKD


– fishballs – $8-10HKD

-Intestines- $20HKD

-Dimsum $30-60HKD

-Pecking Duck $128HKD 1/2 sa duck

-Sausage $10-12HKD


 Photographs taken and edited personally by eliakinfinity

Enjoy your trip! hope this simple tips will help.


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An OFF! a day keeps Dengue mosquitos away!

Who can afford to be bitten with Dengue carrying mosquitos?

 Even us healthcare professionals are not exempted to the eye of Dengue carrying mosquitos. They are not afraid of us even when we wear our  WHITE UNIFORMS.

We do save lives but we need to be extra careful too! Luckily, OFF! lotion is widely available in leading Supermarkets & Pharmacies near you.

OFF! lotion is the perfect companion to everyday living, the packaging is very handy, simple yet provides intense action against insect bites.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

OFF! lotion provides up to 8 hours of continuous protection especially nowadays in Visayas, because as of October 10, 2016 the Dengue Fever cases increases over 200 percent in the province.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

 OFF! Overtime is my favorite amongst all

because it has:

  • DermCooL formula and not so oily when you apply it to your skin.
  • OFF! lotion is dermatologically tested.
  • The refreshing scent of OFF! will leave you rejuvenated all day long!
  • Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

unnamedGet yours now!

by using OFF! lotion, it is like giving the insect bites a day off.

How to look smart even on your casual days with G2000

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CASUAL adjective ca·su·al \ˈkazh-wəl, ˈka-zhə-wəl, ˈka-zhəl\

Casual days are ordinary days to go out, spend time with yourself or with some friends and family. Casual means comfort with a style, and YES! G2000 Philippines offers the variety of menswear with a wide twist to suit your comfortable style in fashion. It sets a contemporary style that meets sophistication at its finest.
                                                            POLO: G2000
Pairing this with your favorite set of shoes, glasses and watch – then you’re smart to go.
That’s the thing about G2000, it dominates my clothing essentials even in the most CASUAL DAYS.
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Looking forward for something productive this 2017

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

-Tena Desae

unnamedLocation: BIRDSEED CAFE CEBU Food: Pesto Penne Photo by: Gwyn Mark Yap

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