Yes! I know most of us really want our phones FULLY CHARGED everywhere we go; nowadays, smartphones has played a big role in the genre of technology, especially, most of us are fond of using the SOCIAL MEDIA applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber etc.


Now friends, let me share with you my top 5 smartphone charging tips — effective to preserve our smartphones battery.

TOP 1 Charging tip

When charging your smartphones, always remember to switch off your WiFI, bluetooth connectivity and any other ongoing applications; even if you’re not using such applications yet they still work behind your phone’s system and yes! you phone will not charge as fast as it can.


TOP 2 charging tip

Most of the smartphones are using the battery called Li-IOn or somewhat called as Lithium Ion Batteries. I have read a lot of articles about this kind of battery, it doesn’t need to be drained down to 0% every before charging because tendencies are it would drain out its juices much faster.

I know a lot of us are experiencing such problem, Isn’t it true?

here comes my 2nd tip, you have to charge your phone not below 20% of its battery level.

But I also encouraged you to drain your battery maybe every 2 months, because I also heard from my other techie friends that our batteries also needs to be re-calibrated. They called it as ” Charge Cycle “.  It’s just like us humans, we also need to have VACATION LEAVES.

YES Batteries have life too and they also need a holiday! 

TOP 3 charging tips

Using the charger that comes with the phone’s package is THE BEST! because it has the right voltage that your phone battery needs.

TOP 4 charging tips


Yes, your phone is safe when it drops to the floor but do you think it’s best when charging?

So please friends, detach your bulky cases when charging. This could cause your phone’s battery to overheat and worst it might explode.

Some advanced smartphones are now equipped with automatic STOP charging capability, but remember SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.



The last but not the least is the…………

TOP 5 charging tips

keep your cords neatly after charging  because some cords are very sensitive and breaks off easily.

It is because that I am frugal enough my last tip for you is to keep your cords and charger in a safe and secured area.



Additional info:           THE MAGNETO CABLE

This is one of the famous cable I’ve seen in the world of social media.

  • It is 10X more durable
  • Ultra fast charging capabilities
  • Unique magnetic cable
  • Lenght of 3.28 Ft.


please visit this site for more info




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